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In January 2003, a pivotal moment occurred in European baseball history when a small group of dedicated enthusiasts gathered at the ABCA Convention. Recognizing the growing interest in baseball across the continent, these individuals saw an opportunity to create a hub for coaches to connect, collaborate, and advance their skills. Thus, the European Baseball Coaches Association (EBCA) was born.

Powered by the expertise and support of the International Sports Group, an organization deeply rooted in baseball instruction throughout Europe for nearly two decades, the inaugural EBCA Convention materialized just a year later in Germany. This event marked the beginning of a transformative journey for European baseball coaching.

Since its inception, the EBCA Convention has embarked on a remarkable journey, making stops in diverse European locales such as Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and France. Each convention serves as a vibrant forum where coaches gather to share insights, learn from industry leaders, and cultivate lasting connections.

However, the EBCA's impact extends far beyond its annual convention. Behind the scenes, the association tirelessly works to support European coaches through various initiatives, resources, and educational programs. Whether it's providing access to cutting-edge training materials, facilitating networking opportunities, or offering mentorship programs, the EBCA is dedicated to empowering coaches at every level of expertise.

At its core, the EBCA is driven by a singular mission: to elevate the standard of coaching in Europe and, in turn, enhance the overall quality of the game. By fostering a community of passionate and knowledgeable coaches, the association aims to inspire growth, excellence, and a lifelong love for baseball across the continent.

Board Members

  • President
    Position Open
    TBA Nov. 2024
  • Vice President
    Bertrand Rué
  • Treasurer
    Christian Abel
  • German Chair
    Christian Teusch
  • Exhange Program Coordinator - Europe
    USA Norway
    Andy Johnson
  • Convention Coordinator
    Germany Netherlands
    Ingo Gottwald
  • Information
    Dirk Fries
  • Board Member
    Nadine Kochheim
  • Digital Information
    Netherlands Belgium
    Luc Sachteleben
  • Central Europe Coordinator
    USA Hungary
    Terry Lingenhoel
  • Exchange Program Coordinator - USA
    Tom O'Connell
  • Board Member
    Roger Salvodelli


Headquarters & postal address:
55 Rue de la Bataille
F-68200 Mulhouse (France)

SIREN.: FR 0877 647 834

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