Annual EBCA Convention

Each year, the EBCA Convention takes place in a different European city, offering over two days of insights from international baseball experts. Immerse yourself in a wealth of coaching knowledge, perfect for refining your skills and staying up-to-date with the game.

From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, participants engage with top coaches from around the world. Typically featuring 5-6 speakers from the USA, Europe, or other regions known for high-level baseball, the convention covers a wide range of topics.

Beyond the sessions, attendees have opportunities to connect with speakers during breaks, at the awards dinner, or over breakfast. Networking among coaches is a key draw, fostering exchanges of experiences, mutual learning, and the development of lasting friendships within the baseball community.

The convention welcomes coaches of all levels, as the discussions often apply universally. Whether you're starting out or seasoned, if you're serious about advancing your coaching skills, attending the annual EBCA Convention is essential.

EBCA Convention Mulhouse (F) 2018

Mulhouse (F) 2018

EBCA Convention Cologne (D) 2010

EBCA Convention Paris (F) 2006

Paris (F) 2006

EBCA Convention Prague (CZ) 2017

Prague (CZ) 2017

EBCA Convention Budapest (H) 2019

Budapest (H) 2019

EBCA Convention Antwerp (B) 2017

Antwerp (B) 2017

EBCA Convention Brussels (B) 2009

Brussels (B) 2009

EBCA Convention Brussels (B) 2013

Brussels (B) 2013

EBCA Convention Mulhouse (F) 2023

Mulhouse (F) 2023

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